"I'm going to Disney Land!" A phrase you hear uttered in celebration many times in your life. The happiest place on Earth. There's something peculiar about a 300 pound mass of muscle yelling those words after winning a football game. As he stood in the entry way to Disney he couldn't help but think to himself, "this truly is the happiest place on Earth." But he wasn't talking about the theme park. Rather, standing by her side.
There is no vaccine for unrequited love. Even if there was he would politely refuse. Addiction can be an awful thing, but he was more than complacent with his. How can you turn down an opportunity to visit your happy place whenever the opportunity strikes? So here he was. Friendzoned and loving it. If magic can happen, what better place to find it than Disney Land?
This trip had been well thought out and planned for, for as long as he could remember. No words could describe how much he longed for this trip. Now that the time had finally come, he had already known that the time would go by too fast. But that wouldn't deter him from enjoying every single second. Three, two, one, and in that instant, it felt as if they had pierced some sort of barrier and entered into an entirely different reality.
The light that bathed their skin almost felt brighter. Colors more vivid. Almost as if every single person occupying the space around them had a permanent smile plastered on their face. He was no exception. He walked beside her, with each step further into Disney the more amplified these feelings became. And all the sudden she was off. Skipping backwards in front of him, never breaking eye contact. The biggest smile he had ever seen, radiating from her face. Lips never stopping as she rambled on and on, attempting to educate him further on her favorite place on Earth. Yelling out step by step their agenda for the day, each stop bringing her even more excitement. But he was hearing none of it.
It's like in those movies, where the world is on mute and all your surroundings are slowed. Everything a blur aside from the vision that was her face. He could have described ever inch of her face in that moment. Every pore, every blemish, and especially that smile. That lipstick covered smile that endeared him so much.
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