Seventh Grade pervert

Kissing is good
Fucking is better
Ill kiss your neck
To help you get wetter
Because if I barge in
And you are too dry
The size of my penis
Will bring a tear to your eye
And all of this pain
Sure must be frightening
So show me your titties
I need some excitening
I'll undo your pants
And take off your sweater
The sight of your ass
Just made all of this better
But if you're a virgin
This will be hell
And if you're too young
I'll go to jail
Faster and slower
We did it in all positions
We had sex in your bathroom
And even your kitchen
All of this moaning
Will leave your voice horse
But that's just an effect
Of this intercourse
You were so beautiful
I couldnt resist
But all of this sex
Came with a twist
I wore no protection
And now we shall mourn
Because Nine months later
A baby was born.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when I was in 7th Grade.. It would be 2 years later that I'd get my first kiss and Still have yet to have sex...  I guess all I could do was dream.

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Hey this one is fuckin hilarious!
lol i love it its pure genius