The Used

When you purchase your meal,
It sometimes comes with a toy.
That is meant for your pleasure,
And a source of great joy.
But something so common,
Still happens today.
People walk up to the counter,
And just trade it away.
Not even taking the time,
To examine these treasures,
Because fixated is their mind,
On a quick source of pleasure.
But this pleasure won't last,
And when it departs,
They'll be left empty handed,
With cracks through their hearts.
So they head back to the store,
To exchange their new toy.
But now it's too late,
A girl has taken that boy.
Because toys are just metaphors,
I'm using for boys.
Because they are treated by girls.
Like children treat toys.
And I am sure,
That boys do the same.
During their quest,
For sexual fame.
So the next time you're digging,
Through your chest full of toys.
Dig down to the bottom,
And pull out the first boy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all you girls who say fuck the nice kids.. I want an asshole who will screw me over in about 2 weeks after he has had enough of my vagina to satisfy him.

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Sandra's picture

WOW, that's amazing. I completely agree with you. Alot of my friends are like that. All over the place with guys they hardly know. Ha, that's why I have difficulty even GETTING IN A RELATIONSHIP. because I'm scared of getting screwed over.