Bae done did da Ice Bucket Challenge tho.

We are legion. Sometimes.
There are days when we will stand focused on all that is wrong.
We will stand in the break room of any office U.S.A.
and divulge the secret ways of the poisonous skies,
the drinking water infused with stupid
and the all illusive bandits that put it there.
These hate filled days traipse by in cement socks,
pull up chairs and never leave.
We pick our teeth clean with the fresh pink faces
of the ignorant ones only to dirty them again
by devouring their endless streams of bullshit.
They are infecting our space with garbage of the worst kind.
They say bae tho, bae tho, i can't, bae,
those shoes bucket, come save us tho,
show how we care tho,
show how our narcissistic assholes look like starfish tho.
Show how they bottom feed from every living soul,
sucking and fucking and forever making more tho.


Ray Strickland

Aug. 25, 2014

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The infusions of ideations upon the surfaces of language is a real thing in your poetry. Will read more - Just Being Stella