Free Creamer and sugar from McDonald's on 6th and Alameda

In Downtown Los Angeles
near 6th and Alameda
I never paid for sugar or creamer.

I'd just walk about a block down
to the McDonald's and stock up,
pockets full,casual exit.

Today was different though.

Slouching tongue ran freely across caked teeth
and blinds were opened.

Same crusted socks,
clouded with semen and cat piss
never felt so right.

I, in morning haze,
found hardened swiss and sour tea
in place of fruits and vegetables.

Even my coffee was black,
lackluster and lifeless.

The creamy swirls on holiday.


Raymond Strickland jr. May 25, 2010

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good details. Very

good details. Very imaginable.

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Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

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Very strong poem

Very strong poem

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Cheers my friend for the

Cheers my friend for the compliments.