There Is Another Sky

Torrential memories once found me

huddled in the shadowed

eaves of

recollected tragedies, cringing from

etched misfortunes, moments when

illicitly, I fell, into the

stormy precipitations of shattered illusions.

And yet, I freely sojourn into

nebulous skies, clambering eagerly

over hurdles of trepidation,

tempted by the beckoning

hues of today's rainbow; Perhaps to find an

enchanting environment where

regrets are superfluous, and there, nestled

safe in the arms of tomorrow's sunshine,

kind will be the oneiric umbrellas of

yesterday's rain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Acrostic Poem
inspired by title:  "There is Another Sky
by Emily Dickenson

written for a poetry challenge

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Dizzylemons's picture

Kind of found this poem a little hard to follow, mainly because it had a lot of big words >_> but I think I see where you're coming from with it. I'm gonna read over it a bit more then leave my thoughts with you on it.