Post-Natal Drip

Post-Natal Drip


I shouldn’t be feeling like this

Why should I be sick

I received such a precious gift


Someone help me with my mental colic

I am just so lost, emotionally adrift

After all this time I’m left with post-natal drip


Feelings of something dark and cold

Feelings of the distant longings deeply unfold


Why am a such a mess

Why don’t I just make amends


It calls to me in a poem:

The winds wept of the harrowing depth, 

of ones breath. 

The singer sang as the fluid crept, the sorrowed birth 

and the lonely death. 

The solid sin in an accepted lie, with life no morrow, no worth, 

just an empty womb, left in time.”


Please God help me connect to this ...

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Mental Colic?

Purgatives and laxatives to rid you of the backup, free the stomach of bad ideas and drink lots of positivism. It may not help the colic purchased after years of stress and misbelief, but try reading the Vedas or sanskirt - wisdom cures a lot of stomach problems that take place in the medulla oblongata. - I will join you. I purge occasionally - bad ideas. -

psst! liked this write lots. - slc