Noble 600


Sounds the bugle with it’s mocking call,

like Ares at the battle of Balaclava 1854.

We fell by the numbers, one-by-one, to the sirens drawl. As did the clipper Tayleur, with its 600 onboard.

It called to me, “Kadikoi!, Kadikoi!!, Kadikoi!!!”, but no one retorts from the thin red line.


For if the trumpet give an uncertain voice, who shall prepare himself for war?

And if the war bugle produces a roar, who will prepare himself for Thor?


Like Ares full of passion but only brimming with brute and force. Our hands, like the 600, were tied to the call of Jingo!

As Athena played taps as if a flamingo.


Whom raging Ares destroyed one day, fighting in the foremost ranks as play.

Forced attrition we fell without dismay.


But poor Athena’s trumpery maneuvers,

 as Apollo plays the bugle, failed the rage to neuter.

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Apollo On Bugle

Sounds like a jazz riff. :D