What shall I do without you?

Can you imagine how much I miss you?

Can you feel my heart longing to you?

My heart is crying every minute and second without you,

Tell me darling what shall I do?

I feel complete only with you,

I can never feel one without you,

My heart is roaming every where searching for you,

My second half tell me what shall I do?

My heart is like a tree loosing its leaves in fall,

When does it flourish and fulfill its goal?

When will spring come and dance with my soul?

So,come on my sweetheart to become one whole.


My life without you is a sour,

Being beside you now is a dire,

So, please honey don't keep away my flower,

Because I am about fading and loosing power.

My soul is like a fire eating up the wire,

With my strong passion and desire,

I am yearning to your eyes to see the world entire,

My soulmate that is all what I need and aspire.

My body trembles and feels cold,

When I am away from your own hold,

Do you know baby you have a heart of gold,

Grasping and containing mine tightly my lord.

Brighteous sunlight for me becomes night,

As you are far away my only brave knight,

You gave a meaning to my life,

My only wish is to be your wife.

So,when will you return baby?

To have a child from you to say dady,

I promised you darling to be yours,

So, don't be afraid I will never break my oath.

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  You describe beautifully


You describe beautifully the pain of separation