Welcome 2019

I welcome 2019, I'm glad it's here.

I hope it will be an excellent year.

Many years ago on every New Year's Day, Mom cooked hog jowls and black eyed peas.

But I didn't like those meals very much, I wasn't pleased.

Sadly, I now spend New Year days alone because Mom is deceased.

I certainly hope that the year 2019 will be a year of prosperity and peace.

God has given me another year to live and for that, he deserves my praise.

I will love, praise and worship The Lord for the remainder of my days.

I hope that 2019 will be a good year for others and myself.

And I wish everybody a year of happiness and good health.

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I'm bless to have grandson and son-in-law for company - they are off to lunch with the Godmother. My daughter's godfather's wife brought presents yesterday - a treat and I felt really joyous. Workin on novel - 2 hours this am. as planned and near end which was a tangle last week. Cracked open a $40.00 bottle of pino noir 2014 and talk about happy new year! : ) - Blessings. K.I.T. Send note to word_man he had a stroke, small just one arm, but hey. He's ours. ttyl and Have a Happy and a blessed day! - Stella