Solo Is a Flop

Disney didn't expect it but Solo is a flop.

When it came to ticket sales, the second week saw a 61 percent drop.

In Solo, Lando Calrissian is a pansexual, even robots turn him on.

I'm sorry to have to say it but the magic of Star Wars may be gone.

Certain people are angry because of The Last Jedi.

Leia was sucked into space and she didn't die.

Disney obviously knows nothing about outer space.

Criticism is something Disney doesn't want to face.

Disney thought Solo would be a massive hit but it's not.

Fans are angry and that is what caused the Solo boycott.

If you like The Last Jedi and or Solo, that's okay.

But Disney is very upset, they've had better days.

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Solo & Last Jedi

Ron Howard and Disney on Solo was what killed the movie. Franchises have a responsibility to be faithful to the original - you cannot improve on perfection. Wrong studio, wrong director (and I usually like Howard's movies) he does not know the science fiction fantasy action genre from the fan's perspective. I hoped it was going to be based on one of the Han Solo books. A big miss. - slc



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Solo is a generic piece of

Solo is a generic piece of cash grabbing crap