Woman's Got No Right To Chose

Rewrite of Kiss' Got To Chose


Baby, you know

I think I heard our neighbors say

Baby, you might make that mistake today

Oh yeah, mmm

Got one coming along

And for it you think

You got just no precious time

You may not

But girl I do care

Oh, so please don't, no

I'm his and that unborn is mine



OOh, woman got no right to chose

About the life or death of our bay

OOh, woman got no damn right to chose

Without a word from the daddy


Sometimes, oh sometimes I know

You start to fear

In my heart after

You'll take second place

Oh no darlin, this ain't no race

No winners

No losers

All equal

Baby, without me

You should't be able to vote

Yes or no


It ain't right

No, it just ain't right

Come on

Don't to a judge

Force me

Tell me you won't go

Oh come on


Chorus 2X


The life or death of our baby

The life or death of our baby

The life or death of our baby

The life or death of our baby




Just remember

You did't make it alone

It's my choice too, mama


2013 Ramona Thompson



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a.griffiths57's picture

  Controversal subject in


Controversal subject in this poem. Of course it takes two and to make these decisions. But ultimately it is down to the female as she is left with the responsibility, especialy if on her own. Your poem demonstrates your concern, unfortunaetly this is not always the case in terminations. Your concern speaks well of you.