Abortion Is A Killer

Rewrite of  80s all female rock band, Vixen's Love Is A Killer


Only a foolish woman believes

It's better to get knocked up and suffer that loss

Then to let an innocent live at all

Sick and tired of it

Seen one too many take that desperate fall

In their DNA

Is there some kinda fatal flaw?

Oh ladies just remember to Hell

It's a long, long way down


I don't care if you've hurt

Incested or raped

It's just plain wrong

A sin to strike them down

Again and again

Enticed  you took a man in

No condom

Nothing safe

Now you wanna throw away

The consequences of pulling his love pin

Blow a tender babe's heart sky high

Is it really for 9 mere months such a pain?

Is adoption no soultion for you?


I'm asking why

Why won't you just let them live?

Cease your endless bitching

Give a new life a try

Don't be so quick

With your fatal coathanger goodbye


Unborn/Unwanted Babie's Chorus


Abortion is a killer

A  homicidal fiend

Abortion is a killer

Mama, oh mama

Why do you wanna be the death of me?

Painted a target on my innocent back

For that reaper doctor in black

Abortion is a killer

Mama, oh mama

Why are you so bent on killing me?


A plan so bitterly beckoning

The world may never

Get a chance

To know my face

What a disgrace

Do you know no shame?

Do you not feel guilty?

Hearing the phantom tears

Tears that'll never be cried

Living in shadows

Do I ever haunt your mind?

Frozen here in time

Mommy please don't let me die




You seem so eager to terminate

All because of the results

From one bad date

You wanna erase all traces  of me, yeah

Will it really be enough?

Will it really sasify you?

To rip me apart from you inside?

Breaking my heart

Have I gotten through

Is there any hope for me to survive?

Mama, you hold that smoking gun

Well, please don't shoot

One who only wants to live

Only wants to love


No, abortion is a killer

A homicidal fiend

Abortion is a killer

Mama, oh mama

Why do you wanna be the death of me?

I've got a target on my innocent back

For a demonic doctor dressed in black

Abortion is a killer

Abortion is a killer...


2013 Ramona Thompson


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Thank you

Thank you Griffen for your comment. It's all right you do not agree with the content of the poem. Everyone feels what they feel. There is no right or wrong.

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Abortion is a Killer:



You have strong views regarding abortion. My personal opinion is that where there has been force against the female, the last thing she needs is to be forced to have an unwanted child, espescaily becasue of these circumstnaces.   Your poem is well written and it certainly thought provoking subject, I just don't agree with the message of the poem.




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If you knew the feeling of

If you knew the feeling of murder that comes over you when the simple easy way out is chosen is the only way you can truly understand this issue. though i admire your fight for innocence and your opions of women who have had abortions its between 'god' the child and themselves. more than one abortion however, there is definitely something  wrong with that. Dont need a drain on health care either. You've made some great points here but ultimately you can't save those who don't want to save or be saved. Anyone is entitled to their beliefs. Forcing them on others doesn't tend to go down well. There is a hell. the word exist to describe it, however there are so many versions we can't shut our minds to them all. I admire your bravery on taking a stand. 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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rape and abortion poems evidence cont

you could probably get pregnant and not know it and give birth to like a 30 year old still born. How about you stop being jealous of people other people want to fuck. There is no such thing as hell but maybe being an ignorant glutton is more of an offense against god than making a difficult decision about taking care of a child. I have to do work but I couldnt help commenting on another fat girl abortion poem. Oh I really like blaming the doctor to. How many people have you saved eating? suuuheee