Abortion Was Her Mother's Day Gift

A horrible thing, just horrible

Born and raised to always do the right thing

One mistake swayed her from her saintly path

Robbed her and her family of a chance to know a new one

The pressure from the not so loving father to be just too much and so she gave in

Into the guilt and the doubt eating her alive inside

Now there is no baby, no lover and worse of all no more family gathered around to comfort her


What's done is bitterly done

And she knows there can be no going back

So much for happy ever after


Hate and self pity consume her

Every waking thought gripped by the digust she now feels for herself

Rocked to the core to understand at last she really is a coward at heart


Made an awful choice

One she will live forever to regret

The cries of her unborn still haunting her in the night

Her body still feels the empty cold chill where once her baby would have grown

Eternal the question of what if looms

Racked with guilt

Silent tears course their way down her face


Damned to never be able to bear another to replace the one she murdered

A long, lonely lifetime out in front of her

Yearning for salvation she begins to think of self harm


God knows this pain is way too much to bear

It would be so easy, so very easy to

Flow away just like a peaceful river

The darkness beckons and she fears


Not now

But soon

She just might

Answer that siren call


2019 Ramona Thompson

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I Feel For Women

Who can not have children. They want them and love other peoples children and can consider adoption. I do not feel for women who chose to abort or the aftermath they experience. Responsibility is what they should be strong enough to face. Fortunately, women and raped girls who abort do not lose the ability to bear children. Back alley abortions create those kinds of tragedies. That has returned, apparently. Alabama's house and senate passed bill today with 99 year felony sentence for anyone performing abortions. The women's vote may alter the demographic in Alabama's capitol come 2020. They want Roe v Wade reversed in Supreme Court. -  slc



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Thank for your sharing your

Thank for your sharing your thoughts and knowledge on this often painful subject.