My man

Thirteen years have gone by

We have treaded a very long road

Hand and hand we marched

Searching our  destiny

We ran and  we fell…

Along the way we separated ways

But we still found each other

Together we moved towards tomorrow.

The path is so tough

The road is not so smooth

Storms have passed

But, I continued to walk

Once I wanted to look back

And wanted to give up

But when I looked ahead

The future promises a better end.

We have come  more than halfway

There’s no way to look back

But to go on and follow that light

That’s guiding us towards our journey

Now,  I need not search my destiny

Coz I found it in you….

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For my husband.

For my husband


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I really enjoyed your poems and liked them..and wish if I do comments to few of them..the way you wrie is good and impressive and hope your heart will also be won by my peace thoughts if you go through..I am basically a peace wisher poet with 6 books and 7th one is soon expected which is about my peace thoughts critiques..hope your long comments on my few poems will also be added to it...and book will be soon in your hand...becaise i like talented friends..and you are..waiting for your lond comments to few of my poems if you wish to be published and recorded for ever in print way... afzal shauq