If Wishes were Fishes.

If wishes were fishes

I need a bigger net

because for as long as I'm fishing

I want all I can get

and no matter the journey

I'll keep myself afloat

with my rod and my anchor

and of course my paddle boat

the bait made from desires

winds awash through my hair

I'll close my eyes tightly

in sea waters fair

and swoop down this net

within the light breeze

and raise it, swelling

with all the wishes I please.

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9inety's picture

I really enjoyed your work here. I the like rhyming in this poem and the words you chose to rhyme let you play in the process.
It is a very clever poem indeed.
The words gave real juice to the rhythm of the piece. Wishes are a limitless topic and well the ocean is full of fishes too…


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot