Hang, noose, high above my head

my end is nigh, of this, I dread

swing low down, then lower still

I've lost my crown ready for my kill

Blood will spill, my body will shake

they'll have their thrill with the screams I make

and remove my form, once all is done

the calm to the storm, though it's just begun

They'll have their fun, I have no doubt

when they shield from the sun, wishing for nought

but to dig deep the hole, of which I'll be in

no longer whole, but at least empty of sin

I've nothing within, apart from wish for the noose

for its freedom to bring as I cut myself loose

so watch, if you may, as I tear myself apart

I beg you to stay, as I rip out my heart

It's just a start, I'm not afraid of my death

I'll be tossed on the cart along with the rest

So hang down, sweet rapture, and lead me away

My soul you have captured, and with you I will stay.

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Colin McNamara's picture

I like this a lot... very dark, very descriptive. Shows a sort of sick joy for those who screwed you over to witness death and perhaps think back on what they've done... feel regret perhaps?

Kick ass!