What is this 'forever'?

She sits, torn inside from waiting

the game of dating

is such a vicious demise,

for those perfect eyes

that stared long past gone

weren't only just one

they were two

(one brand new)

Now caught up in the heart

can never be apart

from the one, but the other

her feelings will smother

as they dance gayly

and think of him daily

thoughts of such desire

which won't seem to expire

She knows it is wrong

to one she must belong

but the heart keeps on chasing

feelings erasing

as they come and pass weekly

with her smiling meekly

one hers and one wanting

the feeling keeps haunting

Can't both be her treasure?

What is this 'forever'?

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Erick's picture

it's beautiful, and it hurts to read all at once. you've got the feeling down I believe.