He who is mine.

I think my mind is made up

finally I've had enough

through the times of worry, trial and doubt

finally I've figured it out

too much time dwelling on times passed

not living the now, the now wouldn't last

too much heartache within my teach

no time to learn what my heart had to teach

but now I understand, I finally see

what was there, right in front of me

I'll fight to see it, I'll fight to keep hold

no longer my life wasted, my soul not sold

I've thought long and hard about the times gone

all the good times, and bad, right and the wrong

and now I have settled in true peace of mind

I knew that this realisation I would come to find

No longer to worry about feelings inside

I won't shelter, I refuse to hide

I'll let my feelings known, I'll give my all

I'll admit my love now, no longer fall

Give in to this fate, that life had to give

allow myself to love, allow myself to live

I've forgotten sorrow, I'll cherish this time

to live with him, he who is mine.

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