Understand me.

An attempt to understand

all that lurks within

turns back to the man

with an evil grin

Just push me one more time

maybe I'll fall again

take all that is mine

give me all your pain

I thought I knew the truth

about the life that I have got

but I saw right through

and saw that I did not

I have no right to live

when you suffer every day

just words I have to give

and then heartache I pay

I cannot comprehend

this life with you here in it

I'll just sit here, pretend

that I was the one who did it

I don't care anymore

about my feelings deep

I'll cut these emotions raw

drown them in my sleep

For the man watches me

and he knows my every move

hang me up for all to see

what have I to prove?

I've tried to understand

all the feelings that I hold

but he has something planned

leaving me out cold

Take all of my pride

let me suffer in my guilt

then finally I'll hide

with the blood that I have spilt

another puppet tired

cut these strings down again

another bullet fired

Let me wallow in my pain.

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ikarus_falls's picture

That is sucj an intense poem i wish i could write that well.