Under the canopy of the cafe softly sat she

taking little sips of her peppermint tea

dressed in lace that clung to her chest

a pretty pink bow on her bosom would nest

her hair in small ringlets, fell down divine

checked her diamonte watch, it was almost time

to meet the man whom she'd found in an ad

newspaper clippings were stuck to her notepad

as she rummaged through her purse, clutching her stick

cherry coloured heaven plastered her lips

Adjusting her hair and checking her face

A shadow, a figure, made her heart race

As she caught a glimpse of the man to be

yet sat down again, it was not he

Many Sundays filled with heart numbing wait

to find someone special on a lonelyhearts date

another strawberry sundae and she took her leave

wiping away the sweet tears with her long sleeve

When would come her time, her happily ever after?

Time filled with conversation, love and laughter?

She raised her umbrella to shield away the rain

turned on her heel and headed home yet again

There on the newstand, another black and white

a smile spread her lips, perhaps tonight was the night.

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Charlie (a.k.a. McMooo)'s picture

^_^ Great poem, Nikki. Kinda optimistic.

I hope she finds someone. Hee.

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