2015 Generation Why

Iron Poet

It's 2015 and we're Generation Why.


Why pants when you can leggings?

Why social when you can network?

Why create when you can paraphrase?

Why sing when you can sample?


Magic is to harmonize

as bullshit is to autotune.


Sinatra, Sayonara, so long, auf wiedersehen, 

and farewell.

Your job here is done.

Time to roll out

in that matte black towncar

on 33 1/3 RPM wheels.


See you at the yardsale.

See you at Nana's house.

See you at the hipster mixer.


Old Blue Eyes? More like Old Yeller.


We want instant gratification

not ancient... what's the word?


Ask Siri.


You heard Nancy:

Those boots are made for walking.

You wouldn't make it on The Voice.

American Idol would spit you out.


There's no room here for something so beautiful...


It's the final curtain, fly you to the moon,

at least you did it your way.



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Beatnik1979's picture


masterfully done..and so true! The whole piece was well thought out and well put together..well done!

Rainy_Maple_Sugar_Candy's picture

Thanks! Frank was the "secret

Thanks! Frank was the "secret ingredient" at the Iron Poet competition a few days ago. 

allets's picture

I Did It My Way

What a trip that was for the Y Generation. "...Magic is to harmonize as bullshit is to autotune..." (Ouch! & :D) I almost fell off the chair for laughter so no longer ROTFLMAO - I calmly say to you dear poet, encore - nice! - Lady A



Rainy_Maple_Sugar_Candy's picture

Haha thanks

Haha thanks