The Dance

10th grade

Sexy skeleton playin' the bass

mindless mushroom without a face

withered pumpkin, dance to the drum

smoke seeps quite softly from bottles of rum


Woman plays banjo, closes an eye

clouds hurry over as rain leaves the sky

catching the raindrops, my bucket is full

I throw it aside and give in to your pull


Dance doesn't cease though the fire's burnt out

it's been way too long since the start of the drought

no one unhappy, the angels exhale

my baby is laughing though strikingly pale


Orange encompasses incoming light

man raises arms in the middle of night

moons fall like water, and piercing my hand

cold to the touch but feel hot as they brand


Windows of stained glass make no sense to me

give me your arm and write down what you see

I can't remember, my love is asleep

the place where he lay is a secret I keep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has always stuck with me for weird reasons. It's kind of an amalgamation of bits and pieces I remembered from three separate bizarro dreams. 

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