The Larger Stones

I took a second to hear the bells

the clamour of sorts

radiating down

summiting forward

to watch it all fall.

Your mouth tasted like lemons

cracked and silent

proud and flourescent.

Can you hear now?


The larger stones thrown

through a window so small;

they made sounds like a solitary lady

on stage proclaiming everything

and nothing.

They made their sounds

They made their fall

They swam in the sea

discovered new beings

They tasted the salt

They stammered

and woke.


Sitting still with a distorted rythymn

in your bones,

scorning yourself,


Will God forgive me?

Will she?


Hear my mind.

Clasp my heart.

Shut it down.

Loud and astounding.

Pounding the bells.

Pounding the graves.

Can you hear now?


The fastness; the push of wind

bouncing in the air.

Alone and through.

The candles lit.

The hammock swinging.

The sprout of grass beneath the tree;

The sadness.

The hurt.

The curtains of questions rising

halfway and slowly.

We've had enough of jumping right in.

We've made knots of our veins.

There's a dozen porcelain hearts

that need breaking.


So we dance the dance that's been

years away.


Sleep now, my love.

And in the hours,

we will be drunk off the dawn

until it all grows


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As always, I come back every

As always, I come back every now and then and I understand more of your writing. I hope you haven't stopped. The real reason I'm here is to Ask if you will put flowers on her grave for me on the 4th. you know, I still think of her often. I loved her too. I am going to ask your brother as well so hopefully between the two of you someone will do this for me. I hope that day will be as okay as it can be for you guys. She was something else. Thank you if you will do this for me. Please. Take care Jersey. 

"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.

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Mellow Mood

Enjoyed - Stella