I've held the very treasure of the world in my hands,
I've loved and given love in return,
tell me..what is left?

I've sacrificed everything just to be what you wanted,
gave to you all I had.

Kind of wondering what it is you see,
why it is you keep finding a way back to me.

Is it the sad, lost little girl,
pining for the ghost of a dream,
is it for the comfort of familiarity?

Is it family ties,
affection that hasn't died down,
why do I miss you, what's wrong with me?

I wish just once that nothing you said made me care,
that no sweet words would make me soften,
you're no longer there.

How do I exist with you in my shadow,
close enough to touch,
to kiss the tears I cry.

Maybe it's foolish to think I'll ever be free,
maybe it's foolish to believe I'll ever find immunity.

You're deep in my heart and soul,
the angel that sings to me when it gets cold.

I hold everything in the palm of my hand,
it's turning to gold, this is my last stand.

I can't turn away, that's too much to ask,
but it hurts to stay, a hurt that won't wash away.

No matter the distance, the pain and shame,
I'm too invested in this tragic romance,
walking away stopped being an option the moment I got to know you.

Gravity is holding me down, I own all I need,
so tell me why is it that it's bittersweet?

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A beautiful ode to the questions all we women seem to have!

You worded it well. I hope in writing this you found some of the answers you sought in concern to why this or that particular individual seems to be the magnetic force alone to your specific feminine metal. You are a few steps ahead of the crowd though cause you are self aware enough to ask and keep searching for answers that for many only seem to further and further evade their hearts and minds. One can only hope more women who need to ask these very same questions of themselves will read this and too gain more self awareness for themselves as to the why and why not of such circumstances of romance in their own lives..........Most sincerely, Melissa Lundeen