Dirty - Cinquain

Cinquain Poetry

I wash

and I still wash

I can't clean my black soul

So I tarnish your white carpet


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Karyn Indursky's picture

I'm not sure I understand this poem. I don't understand why you'd want to wash off your black soul because you're beautifully crafted by God and exactly how he planned you. I don't understand why the carpet is white. It makes me feel as though you're spitting on someone who's white and can't handle you being black. I can't fathom that either though. I'm stuck in my firm, solid believes of equality. Maybe, one of these days everyone will get beyond skin color and embrace.

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misty lackey's picture

a lot of detail in this one, cool!

strawberrylagoon's picture

Wow RaiLa, I can't even describe what
I really wanna write about this...I do
know that it was pretty deep though...
nicely done...

ultimprv's picture

Brother aint said nothin' but a word
and already the walls are talkin'
this piece cuts deeper than most could realize
and its' profound profanity is so subtle and
sublime - some would not recognize the sweetness
of its' poison

yes, my brother ....ah, yes
this piece speaks for the lot of us
a brother smiles with gratitude - one mind

no doubt, without question
Much Respect, One Love

Lucas Octavius Nixon's picture

YEAH! That was very well worded.
I see you've mastered the Cinquain technique.