Time Passes

Though you’re often derided

I’m still undecided

On whether or not we should part…

I hope for the best,

Could this be some test?

I know I love you in my heart.

Still time passed me by,

Left me and my sigh

Alone unattended;

I shrank to myself

Read of dwarf, man, and elf

Alone undefended.

And now for fantasy I thirst

Although I know my life comes first.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From a long time ago, when I still had someone to say this about.

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FAGOCITY's picture

I think I see the inner meaning of this poem. What you're saying, is that you're gay, but tired of humans. You're now after dwarves and elves instead, because you've grown tired of being derided. You now long to be accepted in faggotry with the woodland creatures of fantasy. For instance, "I shrank to myself" clearly refers to the use of one's hand. "Read of dwarf, man, and elf" refers to your new choice in porn. You still love your former idol, but now that people have made fun of him, you have moved on to new frontiers. But you're wrong, your life doesn't come first.