Dark Love

That day I met you,

My heart skipped a beat,

I didnt even know you,

And yet I wanted you,

I dreamed of you,

Thought of you,

Became friends with you,

Hurt you and ripped out your heart,

I hated me for that,

Hurting what I desired most,

You forgave me,

Became friends again,

Never stopped liking you,

Began to fall in love,

I got scared again,

Knew I loved you,

Tried to deny it,

It got the better of me,

Im glad it did,

Found out you loved me,

Finally got you back again,

Made you mine forever,

Not letting you go this time,

My Angel,

My Vampire,

My Phoenix,

My Fatal Desire,

My One and Forever Only, Soul Mate.

And Im Yours!

Love, Blaise!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated To John. Aka: Phoenix!

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mouths_of_babes's picture

Go you! Glad you're happy together.

phantomsheart's picture

helloo hezz. lol. nice poem. awww bless.