Suspended on silver wings,

High above the earth,

Calling to me through the clouds,

Beckoning me to look up,

Come and float with you.

Silver wings edged in crimson,

Light reflecting off them like diamonds and rubys,

Making me feel so special,

Gazing lovingly down upon me,

Arms outstretched as if to hold me.

Silver wings carry us high above,

A place ive never been before,

Feelings ive never felt either,

Everything feels like utopia,

And as I look into your eyes, I know it is.

Silver wings grow from my own spine,

Suspending me there effortlessly,

Holding me in your arms,

Looking into deep sapphire eyes,

Everythings perfect.

Silver wings wrap round us so gently,

I beg you not to part from me,

Words we speak fly to our ears like music,

Suspended on silver wings with you,

Im not afraid to say whats in my heart,

Because its true.

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*trying to find a compliment good enough and failing miserably* ... wow!