I love you, I need you,

I breathe you, I taste you,

I just can’t get around the fact that you’re mine,

I just can’t live without you.

I wrapped my soul round your heart,

You wrapped yours round mine,

Always and forever,

I swear I'm yours only.

You're a winner, and I'm a sinner,

I don't understand why I'm yours,

I know why you're mine,

How is it possible I never found you before?

Nothing can come between us,

You're all I need, you're perfect,

Across the midnight sky,

Stars shine down on us.

Running through my head, constantly,

Pictures all around me, of you,

Never a bad time between us,

That’s because you put me in heaven,

And then saved me.

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Gavin Storey's picture

I think, and I don't mean this nastily, that the major plus about this poem is that you've not dedicated it to any one person, therefore it can be an ongoing dedication to all of your future relationships.

All the ones you've dedicated to Stu, will always be there for him, and I don't think you could really get away with saying "Hi, this is for you."

The poem's nice though, I really like it. I need to start reading all of your stuff sometime soon. Might take a while, but hey, I made a promise a while back and said I would, and as of yet I haven't really fulfilled it.

I like this line: "You're a winner, and I'm a sinner". Dunno why, it's just cool :)