One thing dominating my thoughts,
One thing dominating my senses,
The only one I want with me,
The only one I can taste, still!

My head full of just a three letter word,
The three letter word, I have began to truely love,
Making my pulse race as we kiss, so sweet,
The memory of it scorched eternally in my head.

Will you remember me? I know I’d never forget you!
I’d do anything just to hold you in my arms,
I try to sleep, all I can think of is you,
A three letter word, so simple, so different.

What or who can this three letter word be?
Smelling so sweet and tasting so pure and wonderful,
My head spinning, I think I love you, truly,
The Angel of passion, at my side, with you.

My heart missing you every second we’re apart,
The way forwards, is only through you,
Three letter words race through your head,
Just one in mine, forever and always.

Aching to feel your touch again, so soft,
Tears making the ink run across my page,
Our hearts always touching,
--- is my three letter word.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for, well he knows who he is.

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MisterCow's picture

i really love this poem! and i know what the three letter word is ;)

you are really good at writing poems!

i love you so much, Stu ;)