You mean the world and more to me, you're so sweet,

All I know is that you're the best thing to happen to me,

You are more than my friend, you're my life,

We are against the world, and we don't care!

If we make it through the day, will tomorrow shine?

I'm angry at my heart for letting it bleed,

One day I woke up, knowing I am loved, by you,

The happiest day of my life was meeting you, my Angel Wolf.

Can you see the darkness fall? i'll never let you go, ever!

You know too much about me to be my enemy, friends forever,

You're more than my friend, you're my best friend and pet, ;)

Also you're my guardian Angel, my shining star, always.

Astral planes are not good enough to meet on, it's gotta be real,

I would have died along time ago, if I hadn't of had you!

You're my savious as well as my cute and sexy friend, :blush:

How I long to feel your arms round me, one day! I promise!

My arms are healing, the scars fading, my life better?! fat chance ;)

I envy you, you have so much money, I want some, kiddin!

My life seems less pointless now I have you, STOP GETTING ILL!

I can feel a wet cheek, i've a tear in my eye for you.

You give me reason to live, to carry on life,

Snuffe, my darling, sweet, fluffy, best friend!

Put your arms around me and hug me tight,

Hold me close and never let me go! i'd cry without you!

Whisper in my ear that you love me to, I love you,

Share my heart with yours, my sweet and loveable Angel Wolf,

Hugging you one day, it will happen, real hugs,

And i'd kiss your cheek as well =) if you'd let me?

Knowing that, I care, you care, makes the world sweeter!

What you know about me, is very dark and depressing,

Strangely enough, I don't mind you knowing, it doesn't burn my heart,

Finding the right words for this is difficult, but worth it!

Laying alone, in my room, in bed smiling at my thoughts,

Watching shadows dance on my ceiling, thinking of you,

The false, bright light from my lamp turned off,

The images my candles cast are pretty, like you!

So what if I stood holding you, would you cry when I went?

No one understands us, but we understand each other =)

We could win against the world, go to Saturn? Mars?

I'm upset we don't live closer, at least we have each other!

My decision is that it was meant to be, our friendship, forever,

In my dreams on cold nights, warming me up,

As the tears drop, the ink does to, onto the page,

The ink smudged from my tears of happiness.

You are my world, my life, my soul guardian,

I thought I should tell you the way I am, since you told me,

I hope you know how special you are to me!

Forever and always I will love you no matter what!

*stora karm*

My Angel wolf

I love you

grهter av glنdje

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for Dennis, I know you have a lot of poems to you from me, but I think that this one is the best, and that comes from me who hates my poetry!

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