Torn Love

The dark lady you met one day,

You fell in love with,

She likes you very much so,

The kisses you share are wonderful.

Deeply kissing online each day,

Longing for each other's lips to touch,

Pain inside because, you're both so far away,

A few hundred miles maybe.

The guy, oh so sweet, and gorgeous looking,

His heart made of passion and gold,

In your eyes she's almost perfect,

In her eyes you're so beautiful and willing.

Pure hope and passion keeps his heart alive,

Without her, he would surely die,

She is his deepest desire of love,

And he is her little toy, she begins to love.

Wanting to hold and feel her with him,

Giving her millions of pleasureable memories,

Knowing she likes him isn't enough,

Wanting her forever as his own.

Trying so hard to get her, just out of reach,

Fallen for her from the first moment,

Seeing her picture only fires his desires,

Never giving up hope, they will be together.

His mind made up, she is the one,

Her mind says yes, her heart says no,

They will be together one day,

He is positive about it.

His personality is so angelic,

Eyes a wonderful colour,

Body so gorgeously perfect, almost a dream,

Lips so smooth when kissed.

She really likes this boy a lot,

But she's unable to love for a reason,

It sucks terrible, his heart torn,

A giant thorn in his side.

Their tongues massaging the other's,

Feeling the body warmth of the other,

Hands touching forbidden places,

Where is the trust in all this?

Knowing the other wouldn't hurt them,

Feeling cut up none the less,

Having bad past experiences,

Wanting it not to happen this time.

All the pain and suffering gone when they are about,

Never feeling pain or hurt, when they touch,

Believing it's true love, and they're the one,

Always doubting in their mind, at the back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The person I wrote this for knows who he is ;)

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poetvg's picture

i love this piece

Gavin Storey's picture

I can't believe I never posted a comment here before, and the poem's what, nearly 2 years old? :P

I liked it back then, back when we were "young" (which we still are, I hope :D), and had feelings for each other, and reading it now, I still like it.

You've always been a great poet, I think. Hope the works stays as constant throughout your life.