You are 1/4 of me, my life and soul,

The other 2/4's are, Andy, and, Dave,

The last 1/4 is me, lol obviously!

Couldn't really live without being me could I?!

You are my second best friend in the world,

If you died, part of me would die too,

You're my Snuffe Pet and I hope you always are,

Please stay and keep me whole.

If only I could make you better and well,

My heart skips a beat each time you're in hospital,

God how I miss you, my Pet, my Wolf ;)

You know too much about me to give up.

My ice white cub with emerald eyes =)

My jet black alpha male who's gorgeous! =)

My cuddly and cute, depressed, baby angel,

I love you, I always will, nothing can change that!

I'm still thinking of yellow ;)

I'm gonna do that to you someday! I promise!

You're, Vivi, he's the cutest cat ever,

And you're my cutest Wolf ever too!

You're part of me, my life and soul,

Never forget that, I hate our time differences though,

We will meet on the Astral Planes one day!

And in real life too my, Snuffe.

*stor kram*

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated 2 Dennis - i know you already have a poem, but since you were "away" for a while n i got really worried i thought id write you another one, just to show you i really care about you.

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