My heart is made of stone,

I want to cut it out, i can't,

Sitting crying in my room alone,

Knowing no-one gives a damn,

Curled up in a ball crying,

Never feeling totally loved,

Always being slapped in the face,

Or rejected by the one I like,

Rejected so many times before,

My heart is cold and lifeless,

Always beating but never feeling,

Forever hurting and taking no more,

Regretting nothing and everything,

Crying externally and not feelnig a thing,

My life washing away,

Then you came along,

Your warm love touched me,

Touched my heart and made me feel,

Like no-one else has before,

Your hand touched my heart,

The warmth melted it,

I just hope you don't hurt me,

The way others do,

Don't shatter my heart,

Love me forever is all I ask.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my Angel Raistman.

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Queen of Cookies's picture

I really liked this poem, I thought it was very in touch with her feelings.

Raistman's picture

Thanks, Queen Serenity....and don't worry, I will always love you. You hold a special place in my heart.

Dark Raven's picture

All your poems are brilliant, absolutely fabulous. I wish I could critique all of them, but that would take me several days...