I need you here to kiss away the tears i'm crying for you,

To fulfill my heart and to stop it silently weeping,

To hold me close and love me softly as I cry at night,

Nurse me better when I am ill or wounded.

I need you here to pick me up when I fall or trip,

To hold my hand in times of pain and courage,

To comfort me when I am lonely, sad and depressed,

Get me drunk so we can be loud and not care.

I need you by my side, night and day, holding onto my sanity,

To do my make-up and hair to make me look pretty,

To be accepted as part of a group of people,

Grow old knowing you love me and don't hate me.

I need you here to help me piece my life back together,

To make sure I don't do silly things to hurt people,

To see my demons fly away, back to hell,

Never judge me on how I look and act.

I need you here to make me happy i'm alive,

To remind me of the stupid things i've done,

To warm me up when i'm cold to those around me,

But most of all I need a friend, you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For anyone that I love, all my friends!

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Devi's picture

I love this poem! i've read most of them but im to lazy to comment on every one! THEY ARE ALL GOOD! you have a gift, awesome job!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3: Devi