For three years ive liked you,

For three years ive loved you,

From the moment I saw you,

Looked into your sapphire sky blue eyes,

Gazed in wonder deep into them,

Longed for you to be mine,

Screwed up our relationship once,

I wont do it again.

Your long blonde hair,

Like sunshine,

Pale skin like marble,

Perfect body like a picture,

Velvety soft skin feels so nice,

Satin like tongue and lips,

Rough contours of your skeleton,

Contrasted by the smoothness of your skin.

For reasons only I know,

Is why im drawn to you,

Only I know why you are perfect,

All the time in forever isnt enough,

To hold you close and be with you,

Kiss you forever and dream of you,

To make you mine forever,

My Sweetheart, My Fallen Angel.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

well heres 1 poem about my new bf... another is on its way... when he types it up cos i gave him my only copy... oops.

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