All-MY Luv

"Can you understand me?"

Is the question mark

that lives in the eyes

so bright I have to blink.

Your past comes right out

of the front windows of a

house needing expansion

because the addition will

solve the lack you feel.

I came to visit your place

and found it neat and clean

but missing something you've

been hunting intensely.

I didn't understand that then.

So, I stepped out for a while.  

Now I've returned armed with new wisdom.

So, here I am babygirl!

You pushed and I gave.

We fought but I'm still in it.

You cry and I dry your tears.

Your problems become mine and

you've made my life your own.

You sometimes author intensity

but I'm true and steadfast.

This is part of the life We live.

Cause baby I love you with All-MY Love.

Each day is an opportunity to

See the brilliance of that smile

that melts my Big Bad heart.

The fact that We found one another

is no accident and the turmoil we

endured makes our bond stronger.

Stand with me when 10 is multiplied

by 3 and vow our hearts are true, our

laughter sincere, and our pledge eternal.

Your treasures will be my treasures

and I will cherish them as I treasure you.

With All-MY Love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How badly do you want love and how intense will the connection be?

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Amy Crosby's picture

A beautiful poem by a beautiful man for a beautiful woman. I am so lucky to have been the subject for your inspiration. By far my favorite so far!
All My Luv-