Tangent June/13/09


Tangent June 13, 2009

      We have allowed the banks to take over,

polluting our government, depriving us and our children

homeless and starving are our brothers and sisters

and religion has fallen to one or more of their own sins

and we the people are herded around as cattle, running on command

A blissful servitude, with daily injections through the radio or television.

Our minds numbed from the chemical intoxicants we digest knowingly or unknowingly.

Apathy consumes the single man, while hysteria claims the masses.

A pandemic, to the cancer that is our own beating hearts

children in grown bodies devour the innocence of being alive,

negativity can and will center within your core and fester

An inner atomic bomb just ticking away until it goes off

while burning every bridge you've made until your stuck and alone on the island

there is a miracle within every gift, one just needs to look

big or small it transcends any emotion or feeling, truly unique divine experience

and where religion has failed, there is your own spirituality

where governments have betrayed you, there is your own actions and responsibilities.

You cannot hide nor run from your future, a blank page waiting to be written

We all live this one life we know we have and all exist within this perception of reality.

dwelling on a planet that provides to us everything and anything we could need

as a species on this planet, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

if we do not chose to learn and remember the lessons learned. and teach our

children the values of what free men and women truly meant.

For if we do not change our course, freedom will just become an echo in the past

where for a moment in time, in history free men and women lived and died, even if it were for a short period of time.

Where are all of the hero's of old

In the bed time stories you've been told

we each hold a piece of the puzzle, a key to the secret.

From your first breath to your last, this life is a commitment

let us write our songs, so that our children can right our wrongs

while born into a broken system, struggling just to resist them

No longer can words be freely spoke, printing money yet were still broke

debt is nothing but slavery, am I the only one left who can see?

the birth of an empire was formed, from what our forefather's have forewarned.

How can a baby who has yet to breath, owe anything to another man's greed?

History will always teach us something, if we chose to look

and it is not always hidden within a book.

Their world has indeed changed, as they pull ever so tighter on our chains.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My thoughts on the current events in the world.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I agree with what you say here it's so very true