Who are you

Volume Two

Who are you.

By: Matthew Wayne

Who are you to tell me what to do

Who are you, standing there without a clue

It is my life you try and demonize

my morals you try and criminalize

big business behind pseudo-slavery

few are awake to honor true bravery

the land of the free has been invaded

through a silver tongue you've all been persuaded

A nation of cowards, you watch your liberties dissolve

A nation of sheep, lining up in front of this wall

as the firing squad targets your mind

at birth you have no perception of time.

Brainwashed you listen but do not watch

through the smoke and mirrors your attention has been bought

believing in a lie, rather then face the truth

deceiving ourselves along with our youth

When will you stop blindly follow, without questioning?

When will you take notice, and start observing?

War becomes a tool used by the greedy

as poverty becomes an excuse for the needy

Who are you to tell me how to live?

Who are you to tell me what to give?

Sacrifice, lies, and broken words, you fall from the sky like dead birds

hopes, dreams, and inspiration, you try and take from me out of sheer desperation

I am free to my dieing breath, so give me liberty or give me death.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never let anyone tell you how to live your life, afterall it is your life.

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Elfy's picture

I agree. We all need to

I agree. We all need to believe, love, and live , the way we want to. Or we will have nothing more then copy's of human beings, and lose of originality. Which is boring. :) I like being me, so I won't fall to that crowd n get lost I'll be standing with ualong with the others who believe as we do. And we will stand strong. Very good poem