Volume Two

I know what it means to be broke

and I know what it's like to be the joke

I'm a broken man struggling through a world with no compassion

always two steps behind the fashion

I appolozie I'm not what you expected

always treating me like Im infected

all the while it was you I rejected

you might find it as a low blow

but Im so damn tired of you being deceitful

Always forceing your views onto me

then throw me aside when I point out the flaws I see

"The Sheep get dummer

the drones need a new drummer

and Im a broken Man

struggling just to stand

Life is a cruel Mistress

beating society into submission

clones all acting the same

I may be just another number

but at least I remember my name"

It's the nightmare you can't escape

and the dream you wish you could retake

It's the pain, the regrets, and the mistakes

It's the love, the passion, and the desire

all the while you struggle not to break

affraid you would be tossed aside

but at least Im still alive

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i relate
to pain
like this to :*(