I Dream

Volume Two

I'm haunted by her presence

wondering if I could have made a diffrence

it seems so long ago

did she truely love me, I'll never know

my mind is so tired

my heart is so sore

"I dream of a new life

I dream of a love that will never be

wishing that my broken heart may take me

into your arms, into your charms

feeling lost in your beautiful eyes

no longer worried about the pathetic lies

your whispers like a blanket against my skin

realishing in a forbidden but heavenly sin"

but when I awake

I still see you there, in the morning haze

just before you disapear, I wished you were here

in the flesh, in the real

so I could once again feel

but it was only a dream

you were only a dream, in my head

wishing you were here next to me in bed

So I sleep

"I dream of something new

I dream once again of you

where my heart once again heals

by the love inwhich I long forgotten

a dream instead of a nightmare

inwhich you take my heart with care

but it never lasts, for I once again awake"

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Max's picture

This one i found exceptionally good and thought provoking, very well done.