Volume One


Everything I had was striped away
doing everything I can to keep the demon's at bay
hoping, dreaming for a brighter day
fuck the life in which I was gave
a life that cannot be saved
my dreams and goals, crushed and slammed
to this world I am damned
The words I think are never the words I say
hoping, dreaming for a brighter day

The cure I need
the greed you feed
ignoring my plead
on this painful cross I'm crucified
to this world I lied
from this world I hide
the day my heart turned black
was the day I found that rusted knife in my back
Fuck you is what they said
and that day I bled
Nothing is left but the pain
a decaying fragment all the same
rotten to the core
my mind is numb and sore
heaven isn't in my future
just endless amounts of torture
darkness all around
trapped without so much as a sound
to this fate, I am bound

"Darkness here, death is near"

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