An Epworth Christmas (1987)

A tree you chopped

A tree you trimmed

Made Christmas's of past

   extremely dim.

The wood piled high

by the pot belly stove,

was greater than

any treasure trove.

With food abundant &

fit for a King.

The "Mighty Queen"

Reigned over everything.

The French Poetry flowed

as you read.

The imagery, the iambic pentameter

depicted all; danced in my head.

I'll never forget you

nor the gift that you gave...

Your Nature, Your Beauty

in my heart...

  I Will Save.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As I sit an remember the beauty that surrounds me, And I'll never say goodbye it'll always be Later.

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Joyce Counts's picture

Linda, I love this poem, expessed exactly as I remember it, I miss those wonderful times in Epworth Heights, Our special refuge. Rememver the snow falling as we left, heading home for a long season of work? Later Joyce/Spanky

Ashley Yocca's picture

That was sooo good!! I love your poetry!