A Friendly Time of the Year

A Jolly Season it's suppose to be.

A Season when a special Child was born

         for all to see.

Gifts far and near where brought

To the manger where this Child lay

          wrapped in swaddling cloth.

Give glory, praise, worship and adore.

Gifts from riches; Gifts from poor.

Not one word was spoken of reciprocity;

'Tis better to give than receive.

As I sauntered about town wearing a grin

          ever so weak, for not a word

          I could speak.

Not a smile nor a nod from the peaple I would meet.

So on my way I would go...

And with "Sign" the best I can.


          from a fan.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As I was shopping today for food, Not a friendly person did I meet. It's a sad happening.

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*~* Slendah*~*'s picture

I experience the same thing everyday. Things changed for the better after 9/11/01, but only for a short while.

Sharron Tyrrell's picture

holiday season .. things are either bright like for you and me or painful for so many others ...

EVE SMITH's picture

Hi Linda, Yes it is so sad when people can't smile and say hello to one another when they meet upon the street. The holiday season especailly should be a time for giving...even just a smile and a small hello...can mean so much to someone else. God bless you and thank you so much for this touching poem. Love your friend, Angel Eve

Kevin Cameron's picture

Sweet. Not often you get to read Christmas poems these days. Too bad you couldn't cross by a nice person during such a lovely holiday season. Maybe this year? ;)

Toni Cox's picture

hi. thanku for critiquing my poem. i love yours and ur better than mine so i could take a few lesons from you. lol. when i rad ur poems tey make a picture in my head and that i what i call good poetry. thanx. love Toni xxx

Edwin Robinette's picture

I agree! The jolly season now-a-days is just a booming business! Spending big bucks make people miserable, and they totally forget what it is all about! All they think about are the bills! What is funny though, as a kid I enjoyed the simple things for Christmas, puzzles, a ball, an art set, a bike once in a while and I was happy! Now, kids want computers, playstations, dirt-bikes etc! No wonder people are so miserable, and if they have a few kids, whoa! Anyway, good poem, I liked it!

Wendy D Michelle's picture

This unfortunately is so true. I am with you on this. It is supposed to be a season of sharing and love. Why does it have to be lacking in all of these? I love to smile at people and love to recieve a smile back. It makes life so much more better when people care. I loved this poem. Great job. :) Wen