A New World Serene

Miraculous majestic patterns,

A merrily gyrating field,

Vibrational energies, a coalescence,

Colliding, writing without yield.


Kaleidoscopic visions,

Parading, pervading my view,

Beautiful euphoria envelops,

Everything fresh and new.


Gentle air fills me,

Lapping at my lungs,

Delicious are the sensations,

That have accompanied me since young.


Ravishing simplicity of being,

Marveling this space,

Life surrounds and emanates,

Illuminating love as the essence of every place.


Perception without imagination,

Sensation unbounded by limitation,

Escapades to end mental starvation,

Laid to rest burdens of lamentation.


False phantoms generated,

Language manifesting myths,

Creating doers behind doings,

As if separate governers actually exist.


All of life is energy,

It behaves as it does,

Not needing separate governing,

Untouched it is us.


Existence misidentifying itself,

Taking its totality to be a piece,

Thinking up its own illusory cage,

From which it seeks release.


When the game has gone on long enough,

We will all awake in this dream,

Realize we are the one god in disguise,

A new world serene.

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    Just loved the way you



Just loved the way you can express yourself, you have a wonderful way with words and descriptive imagery. I enjoyed the last verse in particular, it is what I think also.