Would it be wrong,Would it be right

Do you even care if i die bleeding tonight.

Do you care if i take my last breath& fall to the floor as no more than a lifeless corpse.

Would it be wrong?

Would it be right?

Does it matter if i chose to end my life and die on this night?

Would it mean anything if i decided to allow my self to fall limp in a blood of cold blood?

Does it mattter if i slice my wrists?

Is it okay for me to pull the trigger,would it matter?

Does it matter if i live or die on this night?

Will it ever mean anything if i allow my self to live or die?

Would you care?

Would you jump with joy?

Would you pull the trigger,to put me out of my misery.

Does my life mean anything?

Will i ever mean anything?

You decide for i no longer care!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this out of bordem and hatred for my self,i do not give a flying fuck if no1 likes it,it is not here for a quick read,it is here for amusement.hell it cold be all thats left when i die,how amusing is that,i find it rather fucking funny!!

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Stephanie Esterline's picture

it matters... even if you don't think so, it matters... i hate it when i read poems like that cause you think to yourself what if they're already dead... what if they already killed theirself and everything i'm writing is never gonna be read, it's to late... i know you don't wanna hear some big huge thing about how life is worth living, everythings so beautiful blah blah blah, i hate it when people do that with my poems. I like this one, it sounds like that song Last Resort by papa roach... do you write songs? cause you should...