in slience now i sit and listen.waiting for your light of love too glisten. but yet i am still banished from your light too eternal darkness and despair of the dark side of my heart.your absence has left me a mere shadow of my self torment.i am banished too walk in an eternal shadow of darkness.i am

nothing more than a forgotten lore of have shattered my heart.i have tried 2 dround out the pain of your absence with liquor.but alas my pain is forever.

i pray too the gods of old for a release from the pain but my prayers are never seems as though i was meant too suffer.i can no longer bare the pain of your absence.

i slowly slip farther into maddness.with out you my sanity has flown away like a bird in the deepths of winter seeking warmth.

lost and alone.i find the world cold and dark with out you.i yern too see your face one last time.with out you i am lost in darkness

the absence of thee had banished me too the eternial deepths of darkness.i am banished too the shadows of forgotten lore.i yern too see you once more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem because of a past heart heart is still broken into very small pieces small enough 2 pass through the eye of a needal

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i really love poems of lost love, and i especially like this one. your words are so true.