I've died a thousand times,drowned in a sea of life,walked down ever path through ever door.

And now i relize that life means nothing 2 me any anymore.

Because in the eyes of god we are already damned,so y not chase the devils hand."i sit around as the devil dances rond me begging me 2 play along".

I relize that no matter what i do i shall still burn in hell!

So y must i dwell, i mean hell nothing matters any way.So why the fuck should i dwell upon empty thoughts.i can't even reap wat i sow.I Can't even pay the price,fuck it i am dead any way!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wote this because i fell like i am worthless.and i am tired of being presured into a religion.

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Adrian Hamburg's picture

This might be rather arrogant of me but I know exactly how you feel. I've been a proud atheist for awhile and all the persecution I receive because of it is enough reason alone to stay away from that crap. If suddenly god sprung into my life I would be ashamed to call myself one of his followers because there are so many ignoramuses out there "spreading the word of god".

Angel Miller's picture

nice poem.maybe you would like my poems come with me and confused this one. any way you have a way with words.

Michelle Voegtle's picture

haha i love it... i know exactly what u mean with it .. and that lil quote u have in there.. lol from a song is it not... crazy town i think?:| could b wrong but im pretty sure