Hidden Sorrow

I sit around from day too day hoping to die.

I have prayed to the gods of old,begging them 2 end my life.

I long to be released from my self torment.

All i ever feel is self hatred.

My heart has grwon cold and dark with out a care.

I try so hard 2 hide my sorrow.

But alas i feel as if a hole in burning through me each time i do so.

I relize now that I was never meant to be.

I belong dead as do we all.

I desirve nothing that i have.

The affections you all show is a pointless watse of time.

For I no longer care.

So please do not waste your affections on a worthless worm like me.

You all would be better off not caring for a worthless maggot such as me!

So please do not bother me,let me dwell in the hell i have created for my self,please just let me be.

OH! I do give plea for i was nevr meant 2 be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem because i felt useless just like i do now i feel as if i should die i know i do not belong in a world that refuses 2 accept me.

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beaconzbard's picture

You are not a worthless worm, no matter who says you are (even if it is yourself saying it). God loves you, he sent His own Son to die for your sins so you could live in paradise with Him. Think about it, if God loved you THAT much, then you must have some worth. You are one of God's most valuable creations, and yes you WERE meant to be! God created you with a purpose in life.